Add Some Creativity to Your Garden with a Unique Raised Bed

As many readers will already know, there are several benefits to having raised beds in your garden. These include less bending or kneeling, more efficient use of each square footage of garden, preventing soil run-off, and extending the gardening season. In addition to these general benefits, there are also many design-side advantages to having raised beds. They add a pleasing geometry to your garden and have an infinite amount of visual possibilities. Based upon these benefits, many people have taken their gardens to the next level through creative landscaping and gardening. By creating a fusion of exciting, unique, and classic landscaping ideas, gardeners all over the world have used unique raised beds to turn their properties from typical gardens into works of art.

There are many reasons why a gardener should be creative with his/her raised beds. Unique beds enhance your property and add a focal point to your landscaping, making your garden more than just a regular garden. It is also a great creative outlet – let your imagination run wild as you design your one-of-a-kind garden. Furthermore, it allows for useful repurposing of old items. Whether it’s recycled materials or old furniture, raised beds can be made from almost anything. It addition, it provides an opportunity for a different ambiance to be generated, making your home feel funkier, classier, or quainter (or whatever environment you’re aiming for!).

Many gardeners get creative with their raised beds by using a wood-based material for their beds, as it is the most similar to a cedar bed (a very popular type of raised bed material). Wood beds maintain a classy look in your garden while adding a splash of ingenuity. Some great examples of creative wood-based beds are:

Old drawers (desk, bureau, etc.) :                        A canoe:

drawer     canoe

Used wine barrels:                                                 A guitar:

wine-barrel-planter         guitar and drawers

 A wagon:

5.0.2      wagon planter

Logs:                                                                         An old bed set:

Raised Beds_log      bed set

Vintage crates:

crate garden

In addition to wood-based materials, there are also many non-wood materials that gardeners use for raised beds. These range from metal to plastic to stone, but the options are endless. A few examples include:

Wheel barrows:                                                       Water troughs:

WheelbarrowPlanter_main      water troughs

An old hot tub:                                                          An old-fashioned tub:

hot tub                          tub

A fountain:                                                                Cement blocks with pique assiette:

fountain      cement block pique assiette

A bird bath:

bird bath

Furthermore, some gardeners get creative with recycled materials. If you want to be more earth-friendly and maintain an organic garden, a raised bed made out of recycled materials could be right up your alley. Some fun examples can be made from:

Old tires (Make sure you do your research before planting in a tire – there are often chemicals that can leach out of old tires. However, they are usually not any worse than treated wood) :

tires                         tires 2

Recycled/scrap metals and woods:

recycled        recycled 2

Empty wood pallets:

pallets      wood pallet

The possibilities are infinite – all it takes is a little imagination and some old materials. Have a shed that you’ve been neglecting to clean out? Have something you love and don’t want to throw out? You’d be surprised what you can turn into a raised bed. Add some spark to your garden and make a fun raised garden bed!

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